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Marketing, Lifecycle, and Automation Solutions

Infinity Enterprise Consulting is the sagacious business' answer for high-quality professional services. Providing game-changing marketing, sales, and management consulting services. Whether you're a nascent startup, mid to late-stage startup, established SMB, or enterprise, we specialize in helping you strategize, plan, and execute across the full lifecycle of customer engagement. From awareness through to retention, win-back, and more!

Awareness, Acquisition, and Nurture/Activation

The three As are the lifeblood for most startups and businesses with low or no brand awareness. These are the most common types of marketing objectives pursued by businesses across all verticals.

Onboarding, Engagement, and Loyalty

These are important, but often overlooked aspects of the customer marketing lifecycle. These involve making strong, value-based impressions, while positioning your company as an industry thought leader as well as staying front-of-mind.

Retention, Resurrection/Win-back, and Referral

It is more cost-effective to garner business and even referrals from present or past customers who have already gone through the motions. This tends to be a high ROI endeavor, without the level of commitment required by the three As.

The right Marketing plan, Marketing message, and correlated Creative direction can make or break your campaign or even your company's future growth, so make the choice to invest properly in it and with the right consultants.
Michael H.

Founder & CEO

Exceeding expectations

Healthcare Vertical

Working with a health services company to enhance their customer loyalty programs and, subsequently, bolster retention.

Government Vertical

Working with a government agency to better communicate their value proposition to the target audience they serve.

Real Estate Vertical

Working with a property group to better position their holdings for increased demand and, subsequently, a lift in the number of secured leases.

Communications Vertical

Working with a communications company to enhance their market positioning. Expanded sales through better market awareness and new sales approach.

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